2 February 2014

Wishing everyone happy chinese new year

Hope you like this from Kee Thung Chye....
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31 December 2013

WordPress 3.8

New changes are now added to the WordPress platform. ... Speed to be much more cleaner and making appearance over the www Moor efficient and faster.

WordPress 3.8 “Parker”

27 December 2013

2013 World University Ranking

The top Malaysian university in Asia is Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Check this out with the link below and the ranging is 87 bit no where to be seen if view from world ranking.


7 June 2011

Dennis Hong: Making a car for blind drivers | Video on TED.com

Check out Dennis Hong on Ted.com - his talk was about Making Cars for Blind Drivers....

Dennis Hong: Making a car for blind drivers | Video on TED.com

Dennis Hong is the founder and director of RoMeLa -- a Virginia Tech robotics lab that has pioneered several breakthroughs in robot design and engineering.

25 April 2011

US preacher warns end of the world is nigh: 21 May, around 6pm, to be precise

Wonder this is something true or not.....

Harold Camping has been broadcasting his Doomsday predictions around the world
Harold Camping.... preached the end-times would come in 1994 but never did arrive, now preached again the end-times that certain to come in 2012....
 Something to read about....
The end of the world is nigh; 21 May, to be precise. That's the date when Harold Camping, a preacher from Oakland, California, is confidently predicting the Second Coming of the Lord. At about 6pm, he reckons 2 per cent of the world's population will be immediately "raptured" to Heaven; the rest of us will get sent straight to the Other Place.
If Mr Camping were speaking from any normal pulpit, it would be easy to dismiss him as just another religious eccentric wrongly calling the apocalypse. But thanks to this elderly man's ubiquity, on America's airwaves and billboards, his unlikely Doomsday message is almost impossible to ignore.
Every day Mr Camping, an 89-year-old former civil engineer, speaks to his followers via the Family Radio Network, a religious broadcasting organisation funded entirely by donations from listeners. Such is their generosity (assets total $120m) that his network now owns 66 stations in the US alone.
Those deep pockets were raided to allow Family Radio to launch a high-profile advertising campaign, proclaiming the approaching Day of Judgement. More than 2,000 billboards across the US are adorned with its slogans, which include "Blow the trumpet, warn the people!". A fleet of logoed camper vans is touring every state in the nation. "It's getting real close. It's really getting pretty awesome, when you think about it," Mr Camping told The Independent on Sunday. "We're not talking about a ball game, or a marriage, or graduating from college. We're talking about the end of the world, a matter of being eternally dead, or being eternally alive, and it's all coming to a head right now."

Mr Camping, who makes programmes in 48 languages, boasts tens of thousands of followers across the globe, with radio stations in South Africa, Russia and Turkey. After 70 years of studying the Bible, he claims to have developed a system that uses mathematics to interpret prophesies hidden in it. He says the world will end on 21 May, because that will be 722,500 days from 1 April AD33, which he believes was the day of the Crucifixion. The figure of 722,500 is important because you get it by multiplying three holy numbers (five, 10 and 17) together twice. "When I found this out, I tell you, it blew my mind," he said.
Recent events, such as earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand and Haiti, are harbingers of impending doom, he says, as are changing social values. "All the stealing, and the lying, and the wickedness and the sexual perversion that is going on in society is telling us something," he says. "So too is the gay pride movement. It was sent by God as a sign of the end."
Mr Camping, who founded Family Radio in the 1950s, grew up a Baptist. Many of his strongly held views – he does not believe in evolution and thinks all abortion should be banned – are relatively commonplace among America's religious right.
Critics point out that this isn't the first time Mr Camping has predicted the second coming. On 6 September 1994, hundreds of his listeners gathered at an auditorium in Alameda looking forward to Christ's return.
"At that time there was a lot of the Bible I had not really researched very carefully," he said last week. "But now, we've had the chance to do just an enormous amount of additional study and God has given us outstanding proofs that it really is going to happen." 
Mr Camping's argument has convinced Adam Larsen, 32, from Kansas. He is among scores of "ambassadors" who have quit their jobs to drive around America in Family Radio vehicles warning of the impending apocalypse. "My favourite pastime is raccoon hunting," Mr Larsen told CNN. "I've had to give that up. But this task is far more important." 

28 March 2011

Nomination for your EPF savvings

If ONE (1) of your Nominees in the EPF Nominees list dies, automatically the whole arrangement (EPF Nominees list) is VOID ..
Meaning if, you only put in One (1) name & unfortunately he/she dies before you - automatically EPF will channel your EPF money to trustee of AMANAH RAYA upon your death.

Even though if you have few names in the EPF Nominees list, - the whole arrangement is VOID & none of the individual names left in the EPF Nominees list will get their portion & automatically EPF will channel your EPF money to trustee of AMANAH RAYA upon your death.

Piece of advice - if any of the your Nominees in the EPF Nominees list dies, please do immediately approach the nearest EPF counter & present the Death Certificate of the individual & register your NEW / LATEST Nominee in the EPF Nominees list + NEW / LATEST percentage .

If, you & the other party (maybe spouse) involved in the same misfortune (accident / illness) that caused death to both yourself / spouse please, please, please alert your siblings / relatives / parents to immediately approach the nearest EPF counter & share the information within 3 days to AVOID all EPF money to be surrendered to trustee of AMANAH RAYA .

Upon surrender to trustee of AMANAH RAYA, your children will have to battle the money thru 3 channels;

Majlis Agama

Pejabat Tanah


The normal period via above 3 channels usually takes 2-3 years (except if you have inside/tip top connection) at Amanah Raya.

22 March 2011

Tech Risks to Watch in 2011

The constant innovation indigenous to the technology industry may make the idea of risk management seem difficult and sometimes impossible. While challenging, tackling technology risk is not all that different than addressing possible exposures in other industries: Awareness and active involvement in risk management procedures are key. Understanding the potential risks that technology businesses face can help you keep clients better informed and help them consider ways to potentially mitigate those risks and limit costly exposures. Here are some of the key risks that your clients are likely to come across more frequently in 2011.
Everyone goes mobile. Smartphones are no longer the restricted realm of tech savvy professionals or young hipsters. Expect mobile broadband services to become even more mainstream this year, and more consumers to have an iPhone, Android or Blackberry in their pockets. And, as use of mobile Internet increases, so does the risk of security threats. With personal information like bank account numbers being readily transmitted through cell phones, that information can be stolen by an identity thief taking advantage of network vulnerabilities. As vendors of smartphones and related equipment work to develop more secure devices, both individuals and organizations need to take control of their data and be cautious of what they share on mobile networks.
Cookie crumbs. Cookies, seemingly innocuous data collection tools often employed by web advertisers to learn more about their audiences, may see new life in 2011. Data aggregators compile personal information from such cookies, including details such as name, birth date, Web site preferences and even Social Security number, from multiple sources, to assemble sophisticated consumer profiles. With new technologies like the persistent ever-cookie becoming popular, it may be more difficult for Web sites to discover their existence and even more difficult for consumers to get rid of them. Web sites that inadvertently host these cookies need to take particular notice, as the Federal Trade Commission now deems Web site hosts accountable not only for their own data collection, but also for third-party data tracking.
Breakthroughs in medicine. New technology isn't restricted to just computers. Each year, new breakthroughs in medical science change the way doctors administer care and improve the lives of patients around the world. With biotechnology, medical devices and pharmaceuticals poised to continue to grow exponentially in 2011, companies in these industries can expect their risks to grow in kind. Research and development, clinical trials and the production process need to be considered carefully when assessing any products being developed for human medical care, as they can expose companies to significant liabilities.
To the cloud. An emerging trend often discussed in 2010, the concept of cloud computing will likely continue to gain steam this year. By outsourcing certain parts of an organization's technology to a third party, a company can potentially see great cost savings and greater flexibility when it comes to IT services. But outsourcing the functionality does not translate to outsourcing the associated risks. Data compliance and integrity, while seemingly in the hands of the cloud provider, need to be tightly managed by the originating company. If the data stored in the cloud is breached, both parties could potentially be held liable, which makes it imperative that companies audit exactly how cloud providers are managing their data.
Solar heats up. Energy costs for traditional fuels — coal, oil and natural gas — continue to rise rapidly. Look for renewable energy sources, particularly solar power, to see greater demand this year. A spike in investment in solar development in emerging economies, like China and India, also suggests growth to come in the sector. With solar power comes a unique set of risks, from the production of the photovoltaic cells to the actual installation of the finished panels. As demand for renewables grows, these types of risks will need to be considered and managed appropriately.
The only guarantee in the technology industry is that it will continue to grow and change, with new tools available to improve our lives and the ways we do business. But with new technology come new, unknown risks. By continuing to be vigilant, staying abreast of current trends and using a bit of common sense, technology risks can be managed and appropriately addressed before they become costly losses.